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BlackBerry Key2 Vs iPhone X Speed Test! In 2020


iPhone 10 versus blackberry key2 to speed test coming up right now let’s go.

so what is up guys.
Ys Bappy here helping you to master your technology.

iPhone X vs BlackBerry Key2 Speed Test

The BlackBerry key2 to speed test now the BlackBerry key2 to is the new phone here on the scene. It will be available mid July. We did a review on it the other day you can check that out. But I want to see can this mid-range processor. The Snapdragon 660 keep up with the iPhone 10. Which has probably the fastest processor on any phone on the market. In the speed Department in your day to day tasks let’s begin with the boot up test.

In three two one and see which one can boot up first. So BlackBerry Key2 logo does show first. And then the Apple logo we’re gonna see which one gets there. Now the BlackBerry key to does have six gigabytes of RAM. The iPhone 10 has three gigs of RAM. It’s gonna start at six hundred forty nine ninety nine. And the iPhone ten of course is still at its $9.99 price point. It might drop with the upcoming iPhones to $8.99.

But we should see now that iPhone 10 is way ahead in the boot up. This is probably due to that BlackBerry Key2 animation there. But a crushing win in the boot up time for the iPhone 10 over the BlackBerry key. So confirming their software I am running iOS eleven point four here. For the iPhone 10 and we’re running Android eight point one point zero Oreo for the blackberry key. Now they both have a different type of way to get into the devices on the blackberry.


It’s a fingerprint scanner built into the space bar over here. Its face ID so we’re just gonna bypass that seeing as they both kind of get into the phone; in very different ways.
Speed Test

Hey guys we’ve arrived at the application portion of the speed test. You could see everything closed out on the blackberry everything closed out for the iPhone 10.

Let’s begin with a calendar you could see calendar much faster for the iPhone 10 let’s go into clock and you can see a little bit faster for the iPhone 10. what about calculator and that’s the iPhone 10 what about settings and that was the BlackBerry key. Slightly what about the Instagram and Instagram is first on it. Looked like on the right over the iPhone 10. It was very slight like really slight. Now if we go into the photos you can see the animation a little faster for the BlackBerry Key2 side of things. Let’s do another photo just a little bit more of transition on the iPhone 10 you can see ; BlackBerry Key2 again there.

Speed Test On Social Media

let’s go into Twitter; and Twitter is open first on the right then on the left scrolling speeds. Fast vs. smooth Android versus iOS. We know how that goes coming home.

Let’s go into Snap-chat you could see snap-chat on the Left first. What about whats-app? whats-app on the right over the iPhone 10 YouTube okay? YouTube opens first for the iPhone 10. What about Netflix so we’re going into? Netflix here and you see the blackberry key 2 to with a win there on Netflix.

Let’s go into Amazon and you can see Amazon is first on the Left slightly. I mean but you can see the BlackBerry is definitely stuffed with the performance on their. Latest BlackBerry device over the q2. It’s our key one it’s actually pretty close to. An iPhone 10 in performance.

let’s go into eBay. And you could see eBay is first on the right. Now I know you’re gonna say well it’s not as fast as the iPhone 10. On paper but you know in the real world as you’re seeing right here it’s pretty close. iPhone 10 is a win easily so here’s.

Gaming Speed Test

where we’re not even close when it comes to the gaming round doesn’t look like.
we’re even close to the iPhone 10. But you know most people are not gonna be gaming on a key to. So doesn’t really matter too much if it’s close or not in gaming. Because I really don’t think people are buying a blackberry key to for this aspect. It’s funny because they both kind of have something that gets in the way. Here the keyboard gets in the way on the blackberry key too. But the notch gets in the way on the iPhone 10. So they both got a little disturbance when it comes to gaming.

let’s go into Mario run you could see. Mario run loading up first on this is pretty close blackberry key to.

Let’s open this up and blackberry gets a slight wind. But looks like the iPhones taking the lead again over her the BlackBerry. So it says nope not in the gaming round I’m the winner. So the iPhone 10 definitely the much. faster gaming device here over the BlackBerry key. Which is expected ,we weren’t expecting you know the Drina 512
or whatever is in the BlackBerry key to. To beat this GPU that’s in house built on the iPhone 10 so I mean they they optimized it much better for the iOS device. So we didn’t expect that to beat you know the iPhone 10 let’s go into slither. And you could see slither is first on the left and then on the right here’s where the again so in the gaming round. The BlackBerry just took a total loss to the iPhone 10 as we expect it now.

Other Test

The Samsung devices get pretty close. Let’s go into video shop. And you can see that’s the iPhone 10. Let’s go into
Geek-bench and Geek-bench is first on the left. Then on the right speed test and speed tests about the same and in chrome. You could see chrome let’s go into ESPN three two one and about the same. So I think what we’ve seen from this first round is that in gaming. The iPhone 10 is the winner the BlackBerry can keep up with the iPhone 10. In your single everyday tasks emailing all that stuff. The things you’re probably buying a blackberry for you’re not actually gonna miss out too much in the performance. It’s pretty good performance here overall for the key. We already know
the iPhone 10 has great performance.

Phone Configure Speed Test

Let’s get on to the RAM management round. Okay so here we’re just gonna take a look at the RAM management.We already know the iPhone 10 really doesn’t reload anything as it showed in all my past speed to us. And I don’t expect it to do anything here. So I’m just gonna quickly go through these as fast as possible. And you could see eBay, Amazon pretty much perfect performance. All the time when it comes to holding these applications in the background for iOS or iOS 11; on the iPhone tennis at iOS 10. Let’s go into calculator and let’s go into clock and calendar. As expected that’s what we should see on a thousand dollar smartphone.

Now over here on the blackberry key you haven’t tested the RAM management yet. On this one no reload so far but six gigs of RAM should help this not have too much of a problem. Now you can see automatically that. It’s a little bit slower when it comes to just how fast it opens and closes things. And jet pack just a little bit slower here eBay. But I’m not seeing any reloads yet so that’s a good sign. Netflix, YouTube, whats-app, snap-chat so again a little bit slower Twitter and Instagram and settings and calculator.

Let’s go to clock and calendar so great Ram management here for the BlackBerry key. There was no reloads here so I’m calling it about a draw. When it comes to just holding those apps but in terms of just fluidity and the way. It looks opening them the iPhone 10 still looks a little bit faster than the key. But for those of you who are gonna be using this in doing a bunch of things productivity based for your key.

Phone Configure Speed Test 2

it’s gonna hold its own with that six gigs of RAM no problems. OK, so here we are at the Geek-bench scores and you could see no competition? I mean not even close for the key. When it comes to these scores as you would expect; I mean the 660 is not gonna bench super high in a dozen here. But you see it in video; that the performance on the key to you is much upgraded over the key one and in every day test.

It’s really hard to distinguish the differences between an ultra premium flagship. And you could say you know a mid-range processor in the BlackBerry key. And I feel like this phone is actually premium in its own right. It’s a premium BlackBerry smartphone. It just has more of a mid-level processor. But you know if you’re borrowing a BlackBerry key! you just have to decide, if you really want to use that keyboard on this device. That’s really its selling point now I didn’t make this video to go ahead and try to convince you to come from an iPhone 10th to a key.

At Last Talk About Some Think For This Phones

I just that just doesn’t make sense to me; but at the same time you’ve seen that iPhone 10 still sitting at the top as a great performer. But the BlackBerry key it definitely has made strides over the key one if you guys found this Blog and video helpful enjoyable.

entertaining and forming do me a favor go to my YouTube Channel and click that like button for me. If you want to see other Blog post or videos related to the key to like some other speed test maybe some camera tests with this device to see how it performs let me know your thoughts down below. and you to master your technology be sure to be well . I will catch you all in the next episode.

Thank you very much for Reading.



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