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LightSaver Max Portable Charger Full Review

The LightSaver Max is the most dominant and compact sun based arrangement in its group.There is a large number of sun based chargers available, however, there isn’t an across the board sun based charger that packs the punch of the Max. LightSaver Max exploits PowerFilm’s long periods of aptitude making.

The improvement of sunlight based photovoltaic boards has made them available to everybody today, and considerably more so to explorers and other outside devotees, for the most part, worried about the earth and used to remoted and once in a while controlled zones.

That is uplifting news in light of the fact that in parallel, climbers’ vitality needs have expanded: GPS, cell phone, camera.


What Were Our Needs?


When we were getting ready for our through the climb of Europe, we clearly invested a great deal of energy taking a gander at the most ideal method for charging our electronic gear. 10,000 km by walking for almost 2 years and crosswise over 4 seasons, such a significant number of limitations to consider to accommodate our life of full-time climber with our advanced traveler’s movement.

Weight was clearly one of our significant concerns. We use ultralight climbing gear, which enables us to convey all that we require for this experience. Explorers, campers and video creation group at once, envision the look (and particularly the weight) of our knapsacks!

In this specific circumstance, we required a specific “vitality independence”. Comprehend: to have the option to film, to take pictures, to convey and to explore in a self-governing path and for a few days.



What Did We Pick?


Unconvinced by the different sun based chargers that we had effectively tried or by those we discovered audits on the web, we intended to work just with outer batteries.

In extremis, half a month prior to the beginning, we found PowerFilm Solar’s, LightSaver Max.

With numerous long stretches of involvement in the expert and military field, PowerFilm Solar currently gives uniquely designed items custom-fitted to ultralight climbing and fabricated locally in the United States.


The states of our test

The LightSaver Max Portable Charger has been with us for as far back as 9 months, we have experienced temperatures going from – 10°C to 35°C (14°F to 95°F), from Portugal to Italy, we have encountered downpour, tempests, a day off, days just as haze. We climbed by the ocean, in the plain and in the mountains.

So we tried the LightSaver Max in “genuine” conditions. In the event that we could have done these tests during a radiant day in our nursery, the outcomes would positively have been extraordinary.


LightSaver Max Details:

  • Battery: 18000mAh
  • Power In: Solar/USB-C/12V
  • Power Out: Dual USB (2.5A, 5V)
  • Sun based Charge: 6-8 hours full sun
  • Divider Charge: 3-4 hours (12V) 6-7 hours (USB-C) 8-10 hours (USB)
  • Measurements (in)
  • Rolled: 13.5 x 2.5
  • Unrolled: 13.5 x 34.5
  • Measurements (mm)
  • Rolled: 342.9 x 63.5
  • Unrolled: 342.9 x 876.3



LightSaver Max depiction

  • It has a worked in 18,000 mAh battery
  • The vitality info is by sunlight based power + USB-C + 12V
  • The vitality is conveyed by 2 USB ports (2.5A, 5V)
  • It’s weight is 680 g
  • It’s measurements rolled are 34.3 x 6.3 x 3.8 cm
  • Its measurements loosened up are 87.6 x 34.3 cm
  • The promoted charging time is of an entire radiant day with sun based power, around 4 hours with 12V and around 7 hours with USB (2A)
  • A 660 Lumens spotlight is inherent
  • A charge pointer light shows the charge level of the battery
  • Its photovoltaic cells are free: the board works notwithstanding when at least one cells are harmed (not tried)
  • Splashproof: sprinkle evidence, however, be careful with seawater



We have never charged it in 12V and it is hard for us to disclose to you correctly how much time it takes to revive with sun-powered power. More often than not, we load it by draping it on our knapsack while we climb, so it is once in a while level, well opposite to the beams of the sun. Around the same time, we can stroll in the sun and after that in a backwoods and in the shade of a cloud or a mountain… In those conditions, we never began a day with the LightSaver Max unfilled and completed this equivalent day by having it charged 100%.


LightSaver Max Power Conveyance

The LightSaver Max worked in compensation of vitality in all the climatic conditions that we crossed. We can charge two gadgets simultaneously on account of the two USB ports.

What we accuse of: our telephones, our GPS, the camera batteries, our sound recorder, our headlamps, our watches.

What we can not accuse of our PCs while we use them, they release quicker than they charge, the automaton batteries that need their restrictive charger.


Taking care of

The minimization of the board is a genuine preferred position for us. It is adaptable, rollable, simple to store inside or outside the knapsack, space-sparing, and simple to introduce on the pack with 4 little carabiners.

Following a half year of concentrated use, we broke the On/Off catch by supplanting the plastic spread. We fixed the catch with a bit of tape despite everything it works.


Primary concern

To finish up, the LightSaver Max is a sort of transformation in its class. It’s strong and reduced, the implicit battery makes it very helpful, as it can charge our gadgets whenever not simply during the day or when the climate is decent.

It is an across the board charger, enabling us to confront numerous circumstances. It is moderately light contrasted with its exhibition yet at the same time speaks to a huge load in an explorer’s pack. In the event that you just have one telephone and a headlamp to stack, for instance, you can likely locate an increasingly reasonable model (look at the LightSaver that may be a great choice). On the off chance that, actually, you convey more hardware, this is presumably what you need! Assess your vitality needs to locate the correct gadget for your circumstance.


Our organization with PowerFilm Solar

PowerFilm Solar is one of our accomplices for this through the climb of Europe. The LightSaver Max was given to us for nothing out of pocket. We didn’t get any cash to compose this audit, it mirrors our target involvement with the LightSaver Max.


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