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Motorola Razr 2019 Full Review

Early Verdict

The Motorola Razr 2019 works superbly of resuscitating a notable plan in another foldable structure factor that characterizes standing out – truly, the phone everybody had 15 years prior is currently something to make you stick out. In any case, you’re going to follow through on a cost to be an early adopter of this interesting foldable phone and – cautioning – you don’t really get more screen than on an ordinary cell phone.



Two-minute hands-on survey


The Motorola Razr 2019 is a front line foldable phone that is additionally a return to one of the most notable phone plans ever: the first Razr V3 that propelled in 2004… it’s the future enclosed by the past. Be that as it may, is this combination novel enough to have an effect available?

It bodes well that Motorola would wrap its most eager examination in its most truly mainstream plan: the organization’s mid-range and spending plan cell phones are commended for their utility and worth, yet not their glimmer. The Moto Z4 looks to a great extent unaltered from the first Moto Z, while the Moto G7 line is viably a pared-down form of the Z line for the shallow-took. Indeed, even the new Motorola One line scarcely strays from the remainder of the organization’s structures.

The Motorola Razr 2019 is an opportunity to think outside the box, and simultaneously challenge the business’ presumptions about what the cell phone future could resemble. We accepted that foldables would cross over any barrier among phones and tablets by unfurling on a level plane into a more extensive showcase; Motorola’s take has different thoughts, and flips open to uncover a lengthened touchscreen, one that is slightly longer than the iPhone 11 presentation.

So no, you don’t get considerably more screen land. The oddity lies in what you can do with it shut, as there’s a littler showcase outwardly for checking writings, calls, music, messages, and such – much like the see you’d jump on a smartwatch. Underneath that fast look screen is the back camera, which when the Razr is shut turns into a selfie camera, while the little show shows what it’s taking a gander at.

Two-minute hands-on survey

The Motorola Razr 2019 can be taken care of with one hand when flipped open (as much as any hefty measured cell phone can), yet more significantly, when clipped shut it fits in your palm – and your pocket.

That little impression is the thing that makes the Razr extraordinary – you’re basically hauling out an augmented pager when you need to check warnings or look at the time, which is a lot simpler than pulling a cell phone out of your pocket or pack many times each day. What’s more, there’s no denying that flipping a phone open and snapping it shut (say, to hang up on a call) is similarly as fun today as it was in the first Razr’s prime.

The new Motorola Razr 2019r can, and will, blow some people’s minds, and it is, evidently, pleasant to utilize; but on the other hand it’s costly, costing multiple times the dispatch cost of the Moto Z4. That sticker price mirrors the specialized difficulties associated with making a flip phone work easily in 2019, and the consideration of capricious parts that you won’t discover in traditional cell phones.

Exhausting is modest. On the off chance that you need to be on the edge of style yet not specs, the Razr merits looking at – and at any rate you won’t need to pay as much as you would for, say, the Samsung Galaxy Fold to encounter this extraordinarily extraordinary way to deal with foldables.



Moto Razr 2019 discharge date and cost


  • December 26 pre-orders; January 9 discharge date in the US
  • Pre-orders start in the UK in December, coming in 2020
  • $1,500 cost is low for a foldable phone, yet at the same time high

The Motorola Razr 2019 was reported on November 13 with pre-orders opening on December 26, 2019 preceding a discharge date at some point in January 2020 in the US. Motorola has affirmed a comparative dispatch plan for Europe, however it’s right now indistinct on the accurate dates in the UK (in spite of the fact that it will be accessible through EE).

It costs $1,500/€1599 (around £1,350, AU$2,000) and will be accessible solely through Verizon, which offers a $62.49/month installment plan for two years. We don’t as of now have accurate costs for the UK or Australia, and we hope to get familiar with those in the coming weeks.

For correlation, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold costs $1,980/£1,800/AU$2,999 while the similarly innovative Huawei Mate X is set to cost €2,299 (about $2,600, £2,000 or AU$4,770) when it’s in the end discharged, despite the fact that we don’t yet have the foggiest idea whether that phone will go to the US, UK or Australia.

Moto Razr 2019 discharge date and cost

Motorola is very much aware of the vexed arrivals of other foldable phones, and in an announcement, the organization noted:

“We have full trust in the solidness of the Flex View show, and dependent on our examination, it will keep going for the normal life expectancy of a cell phone. We recognize this is a fresh out of the plastic new innovation and we are resolved to keep improving as the business develops. Accordingly, we’ve made a world class administration bundle to ensure each Razr client has an excellent encounter.”

That incorporates every minute of every day talk backing or 14-hour-out of every day direct access to client support, and should the gadget or show come up short, Motorola ensures 24-hour turnaround to trade it. Should surrenders happen during typical use, Motorola will fix or supplant the gadget gratis. For anything outside guarantee – which endures one year in the US – the gadget’s showcase can be swapped out for $299.

Non-US administration plans will be declared later.





The Motorola Razr 2019 really acquires the old-school Razr plan, from the flip-level pivot to the thick base ‘lip’ that the top overlap down to meet. While it doesn’t exactly feel equivalent to flipping open the tough yet-light Razr of old (this phone is denser, more extensive, and harder to pry open one-gave), it’s a contacting impression of the old-school group.

That pledge to wistfulness recovers a portion of the phone’s less energizing specs, particularly contrasted with other current cell phones. The focal showcase is no greater than most phones, and its goals isn’t exactly as amazing, by specs or by locate.

Something that is noteworthy: the structure supernatural occurrences that empower the phone to overlay ‘cheeseburger style’. Much like the Galaxy Fold’s greatly harped on pivot, the Razr’s focal component is a masterwork of apparatuses and cams that empower a fair catch activity when you pop the phone open and shut, again and again.

Most people open their phone a normal of multiple times during the day, despite the fact that that figure soars up to 86 day by day opens for clients 18-24, as indicated by different examinations gathered by the Journal of Accountancy. Be that as it may, the littler front screen here takes into account a move in the manner you utilize this collapsing phone, looking more and opening less.

Flipping open the phone is fun, however the more noteworthy thickness and width implies it’s harder to flip open one-gave than the old Razr. That is reasonable – phones are greater nowadays – however your desires have been unreasonably set by the past when the 95g Razr V3 could be popped open with the weakest opposition. All things considered, the new Razr opens all around ok, with the pivot instrument skimming consistently.


There’s much more to that pivot you won’t see, yet what may be disturbing: the presentation springs up somewhat directly over the centerline as a feature of the move. Try not to stress. It’s hard to see the hole, and we comprehend that the gadget is still sprinkle verification with water safe nanocoating in spite of this section vector (as far as anyone knows, the open-and-close component ousts particles).

Collapsed up, the handset fits in your palm, with a finished metal back and glass spread on the front with a littler “snappy look” show. Under that is the back camera; when shut, it turns into a forward looking shooter. The back board is metal, which means the phone doesn’t bolster remote charging.

The base lip – the famous Razr jawline – houses the recieving wires, speakers, base USB-C port and front oriented unique mark contact sensor. The phone doesn’t bolster facial opening, so this is maybe the main biometric, and it’s somewhat cumbersome to contact – tragically, we didn’t get an opportunity to test its viability.

There’s no space for expandable stockpiling or SIM cards (the phone utilizes eSIM), nor a 3.5mm earphone jack. There’s a volume rocker and lock button on the correct side, which are largely really excessively thin and sharp to be awfully valuable.






The Razr 2019’s inside show is a stretched 21:9 proportion pOLED HD (2,142 x 876); screen that is as wide as Sony’s Xperia line (these phones likewise highlight 21:9 presentations); however far less sharp.

That probably won’t be an extraordinary thing in the event that you need to utilize it to watch media. We found that not all Netflix’s substance would fill the screen on the prolonged Sony Xperia 1; and keeping in mind that that might be improving with time; it’s probably not going to be all that you’ll need to watch.

In reality, when we examined some YouTube recordings; we needed to scan for explicit 21:9 widescreen content for it to spread right over the screen; while other media had huge dark bars on top/base and sides. We didn’t get an opportunity to run the phone through the paces with Netflix; HBO or the new Disney Plus; so it’s difficult to determine what quality the presentation is prepared to do. What we saw didn’t hold up to the best available.


In any case, for a foldable screen at this value, the Razr progresses admirably. Truly, you can feel the pivot underneath the screen as you run your finger over the center; however it doesn’t hinder. Even better, not at all like the Galaxy Fold; the Razr’s screen doesn’t have a noticeable crease; – however we’d love to check whether that holds up more than a large number of flipping; open and shut over the gadget’s lifetime.

There is a front screen, much like the old-school Razr – however instead of the dated 96 x 80 advanced shading LCD, the new Razr has a 2.7-inch 800 x 600 presentation. It’s far more keen than anticipated, and makes selfies a delight. Simply tap the screen, hit the volume catch, or turn on “grin for shade” and the phone snaps a picture. Straightforward.





The Razr 2019 has a solitary 16MP back camera, which capacities fine. Given the Moto Z4 dropped down to one focal point however enhanced it with much improved programming; we accept the new Razr will take photographs of a similar quality.

Thus, unfortunately; no multi-camera like the quad-focal point Motorola One Zoom; yet this was likely another plan request to fit everything in the little casing. All things considered, photographs we took appeared to be fine; – and you’re not purchasing the Razr for photography, in any case.

The camera application is set up a lot of like those on other Motorola phones; a basic menu with essential photography, video, and an assortment of modes like scene; night photography, and then some.

There’s likewise a 5MP forward looking camera roosted in the highest point of the unfurled screen. While it’s less sharp, there’s something flawless about shooting a selfie or a video with the gadget shut; and afterward flipping the phone open to (consistently) change to the forward looking camera.







The Motorola Razr 2019 packs a Snapdragon 710 chipset; – which doesn’t arrive at the exhibition of the propelled Snapdragon 855 in the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Why not the best in class chipset?

Since the greater, badder chip would’ve depleted more battery and created more warmth than the Razr group; wanted for the phone’s last structure – which; at 14mm thick collapsed shut, implies each portion is under 7mm.

The Razr 2019 runs Android 9. While it passes up the benefits of Android 10; it needn’t bother with the foldable similarity changes made for the most recent; form of the Android working framework.

The gadget additionally bolsters different mark Motorola motions that work when the phone is shut and opened. This is convenient for the notable ‘slash to open electric lamp’ signal; however out and out significant for the ‘squirm to open camera mode’ -; apparently, is the best way to get the camera application open; while the phone is closed (to empower the front fast look screen to show the principle camera in selfie mode).






The phone’s greatest shortcoming may be its battery: the new Razr just accompanies 2,510mAh limit. This is one more bargain for structure; – you can just fit such a great amount of battery inside each 6.9mm slim side; and the battery is part among top and base parts (for balance).

While Motorola guarantees the battery will last throughout the day; we aren’t sure that will hold up to progressively strenuous GPS and media-watching movement. Then again; if the front screen leads clients to review more and open their phone less; that could loan weight to Motorola’s declaration; – it will truly rely upon how client conduct changes with the new Razr’s structure factor.

It’s something we’ll be giving close consideration to when we appropriately test the phone. Regardless, while it doesn’t bolster remote charging; the gadget comes with a 15W TurboPower charger.



Early decision


The Motorola Razr 2019 is a striking analysis – not for a propelled plan; however in multiplying down on an old look. Will people truly be enchante enough by a 15-year-old; hope to evaluate a costly phone that is very little bigger than the one they as of now have?

From numerous points of view; the new phone acquires the old Razr’s underlying notoriety as an expensive grown-up toy; – however rather than a style flex; the new Razr is a plan dear. Truly, it’s a major wistfulness play; but on the other hand it’s an inventive new heading that cell phones; could pursue to break out of the dark square shape show.

But, show drives down expenses, and the exceptional structure in the new Razr includes some major disadvantages. It’s difficult to tell whether the novel structure factor will persuade people to surrender more; cash for usefulness they could generally have at a much lower sticker price.

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